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Tatonka Skin Document Belt S or L sizes-Flat money belt for travel documents, credit cards, passports

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Tatonka Skin Document belt S or L sizes-

Flat money belt with two closable pockets for travel documents, credit cards, passports, etc.



  • The soft material on the back and the extremely flat shape make the Skin Document Belt easy to wear under clothing and directly on the skin, making it not only comfortable, but also safe.

    • Two sizes
    • Width adjustment
    • Extremely thin and elastic hip webbing with quick-release buckle
    • Large zipped pocket
    • Fits to EU passport
    • Soft material on the back
    Measurements For L sizes: 14 x 33 cm
    Weight: 60 g

Measurements For S sizes: 12 x 33 cm
Weight: 45 g