About Us

Backpackers Gallery understands the need for the perfect bag & Shoes that suits your needs, the right piece of backpack/bag /shoes to go with your daily needs, like school, work, travel, cycle ,hiking, trekking, sports... ..

Backpackers Gallery make sure all the bags & shoes meet the many demands of all needs at the highest standards of quality .

Here, at Backpackers Gallery, we firmly believe that any product we offer will go above and beyond in accompanying you in life.

Backpackers Gallery understand that our customers need to get a pair of shoes which suit their foot shapes. We provides caring service through professional foot examination service and detail product functionality explanation. We provides healthy shoes and foot care products for babies, children, adult and the elderly so that everyone can wear comfortably and healthily.

We rely on your support to make our customer’s confident and health-concerned top choice. In the future,.Backpackers Gallery  will continue to expand our business with a humble heart and work hard in proclaiming foot and spine health!

Backpackers Gallery is located at 1 Queensway, #01-41, Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053


Email: sales@backpackersgallery.com